Frequently Asked Questions

Demolition and excavation brings much excitement to our clients, with the dream of their new builds or
renovations becoming a reality, but we also understand it can be filled with stress. Rest assured, this is what
we do, and are here with you every step of the way.

We are always asked numerous questions, before, during and after a project. Here are a few frequently
asked questions, that may help you in your consideration for using Green Core Demolition & Excavation for
your demolition and/or excavation needs. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.

  • How long does it take to demolish a house?

    Typically, a standard single story home is completed in 2-3 days. However, project turnaround can vary based on size of the home, access and materials used (to name a few). We are more than happy to chat to you and give you a rough timeframe on the demolition of your property.
  • How much does it cost to demolish a house?

    Again, this is dependant on many things, size, land access and building materials used. Our estimators are happy to meet you onsite and discuss your project and provide you with a no obligation quote.
  • Do i need council approval to demolish my property?

    Yes. You need approval from your local council to demolish your property.
  • How do i know if i have asbestos in my home?

    When in doubt, always assume it is asbestos and have it tested by a licensed and experienced professional.
  • What is the demolition process?

    • 1. Briefing of project and quote
    • 2. Engagement
    • 3. Permits and compliance
    • 4. Service disconnection and safety
    • 5. Asbestos removal
    • 6. Demolition
    • 7. Site preparation
    • 8. Job completion paperwork
  • What is recycled?

    Depending on the materials used and condition of the property many items can be recycled or repurposed back into the community. Most common items that are recycled are typically timber, bricks, metals, window and doors. Green waste is taken to a green waste facility where it's mulched up and reused in landscaping projects. Profit with Purpose!
  • Will it disrupt and affect my neighbours?

    We notify all neighbours that share a boundary and also directly across from your property with a hard copy letter of any demolition and/or asbestos removal that will take place. This not only notifies them of the work commencing in the near future, but also gives them a chance to contact us with any questions they may have.